A Fairytale Accommodation in the Upper Town of Kyparissia for a dream stay...

Stay in Kyparissia: When Stone and Wood Create a Masterpiece

Every trip is an opportunity to experience unique moments and manage to escape from everyday life. And when our destination is Kyparissia, the enchanting city that embraces the mountainous landscapes of the Peloponnese, there is one apartment that stands out among the rest. Discover with us a world of fairytale luxury accommodation, one of the most beautiful houses in Kyparissia, located in the enchanting Upper Town, offering an unforgettable experience of stay and enjoyment.

Accommodation Kyparissia: The best spot in the Upper Town of Kyparissia

This unique apartment is located in the best part of the Upper Town of Kyparissia, with a breathtaking view: It overlooks the castle, the mountain and the sea. The Upper Town of Kyparissia is a picturesque, traditional, preserved settlement, with traditional architecture and monuments that highlight the culture and history of the region. From this apartment, guests have a privileged view of the Castle, the sea and the beautiful landscapes of Kyparissia. Every step is an opportunity to discover the magic of the area and let yourself in the atmosphere of the past.

Accommodation Kyparissia in a Masterpiece made with stone and wood

When you walk through the door of this unique apartment, you will discover an interior dominated by stone and wood. The architecture and decoration of the apartment masterfully combines traditional elements with modern touches, creating a space that exudes a sense of warmth and luxury. Every detail has been taken care of with attention, emphasizing aesthetics and quality.

Accommodation Kyparissia with magic in your stay


This apartment offers more than just accommodation. It is a place that surrounds you with a magical atmosphere and creates the ideal conditions for a fantastic stay and unforgettable holidays. The spacious and comfortable hospitality areas invite you to relax and enjoy the absolute tranquility. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare your favorite meals, while the outdoor areas offer you a unique view and the opportunity to enjoy the sun and nature.

Accommodation Kyparissia: A unique experience that you will remember forever

This apartment is truly a jewel in the center of the Upper Town of Kyparissia. Its unique architecture, its refinement, its careful decoration, its excellent location, are all you need to enter the fairy tale.


The nicest apartment in the Upper Town of Kyparissia

With high level design & facilities that upgrade hospitality standards