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Panoraia’s Luxury Suite Kyparissia: The modern version of authentic Messinian hospitality

Welcome to the new accommodation proposal in the heart of the enchanting city of Messinia, Kyparissia, which offers high-level design & facilities and upgrades the standards of hospitality in the picturesque city.

This amazing apartment is characterized by its luxury, comfort, but also its privileged location, since it is in a prominent position, really in the best part of the traditional and preserved settlement of the Upper Town of Kyparissia and just 300 meters from its pedestrian street, which for for many it is the most beautiful spot of the entire Prefecture of Messinia. This wonderful apartment with a fascinating view of the historic castle, the forest, the mountain, but also the sea, is built in a modern luxury building located right behind the monument of the heroine Eleni Ioannidou.

Panoraia’s Luxury Suite is the “key” to exploring the rich historical heritage of Cyparissia, emanating from the architecture, art, music, gastronomy, but also the fascinating walks through the traditional streets and the Roman elements found everywhere.

The apartment combines aristocratic charm with pluralistic design. Inside, modern elements converse with timeless elegance and understated luxury, while attention to detail is evident in every corner of its thoughtful space.

After all, nothing can replace the charm of natural stone on interior walls when it comes to creating a unique atmosphere in a home. If the stone is combined with wooden beams on the ceiling, then we enjoy an amazing aesthetic that exudes warmth and natural charm. With these natural materials in Panoraia’s Luxury Suite you will feel a variety of sensations. On the one hand, a sense of rustic and in harmony with nature atmosphere, and on the other a refined and luxurious space, which is combined with classic, but also modern furniture and decorative elements.

Entering the interior of the house you will see a single space studied in every detail. The bright colors on the walls are perfectly combined with the vintage illuminated stone, while the aged beams dominate the ceiling that transport us to another era. The simple and harmonious furnishing and decoration testify that luxury does not need complex lines to fascinate. The designer works, copies of famous painters, the rustic tiles in the kitchen with the porcelain knobs, the wooden handmade lamps, the romantic carved bedside tables, the retro dressing table, and so many other elements that make up this masterpiece.

The luxury elements that will elevate your vacation continue in the super double bed of the apartment which is equipped with a top mattress of high elasticity and natural materials such as Aloe Vera, which adapts to every body type and offers an upgraded sleeping experience. After all, sleep is an essential component of a good vacation and Panoraia’s Luxury Suite understands and serves this need.

Panoraia’s Luxury Suite features significant benefits that the modern traveler will appreciate, whether traveling to Kyparissia for business or pleasure. This accommodation is the ideal choice for all year round and promises an unforgettable stay in this historic gem of Messinia.